Saturday, 8 September 2012

Hanging on ~ S'accrocher

I hope you are all spending a nice weekend! I certainly can't complain about mine as i'm not looking forward to the colder months and its darker hues. Oh no i was quite happy that Mr sunshine decided to hang on as well...So i took the opportunity to go strut my stuff in the cool Dalston Eastern Garden then at Dalston Square and i wasn't the only sun worshiper as you can see in one of the pictures! Let me know what you think of the outfit it may ring some bells...
 J'espere que vous passez un agreable weekend! Je ne peux certainement pas me plaindre du mien puisque je ne suis pas adepte des mois froids a l'horizon et de leur palette plus sombre. Oh que non j'etait bien contente que Mr le soleil decide egalement de s'accrocher...J'ai donc saute sur l'occasion pour aller faire ma belle dans le cool Jardin Oriental de Dalston puis a Dalston Square et je n'etais pas la seule a admirer le soleil comme le montre l'une des photos! Dites moi ce que vous pensez de ma tenue qui vous rappelle peut etre quelque chose....

 I love the endless possibilities that this top gives me i went for a red vest top this time underneath it looks orange like the skirt
 J'aime le nombre infini de possibilite que m'offre ce haut cette fois ci j'ai choisi un debardeur rouge et en dessous il se prete a l'orange de la jupe

top/haut: Jennifer
skirt/jupe: Oasis
wedges/espadrilles: Jigsaw
bag/sac: Fendi

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  1. Really adorable summery outfit! I'm definitely not looking forward to Winter either. I hope we can hang on to the warmer weather and sunshine for at least a few more weeks.

    xo Jenny

    1. Thanks Jenny how a few hours can change things today started well sunny but now it's turned sour with grey skies and rain is looming over London!


  2. Super cute look! Love the top and print of that skirt!

  3. Love the lace and floral combination. Too cute.

    1. Thanks Patience i was in such a girly girl mood!


  4. Clara thanks for being regular on the blog.


  5. Love your skirt!

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